Saturday, 10 August 2013

I’m having a relapse

It started a week ago after a lovely day out. I did a lot of walking and a fair bit of standing around watching a local event and after arriving home my body just seemed to go into melt down. I felt completely exhausted and unable to concentrate on the telly I was watching
Then the pain kicked in. The MS Hug.

That horrible feeling of being squeezed and for me like I’ve been punched in the ribs.

I gave in and went off to bed early and had a fitful nights sleep waking several times in pain. The next day more MS symptoms arrived. My lower legs feeling like they are encased in concrete boots, balance unsteady and a brain confused by even the simplest tasks. Trying to use the microwave or reading an article in a magazine feels like you have to wade through a thick mist to try and understand what you’re doing. My head feels like a snow globe that’s been turned upside down and given a good shake and now all the bits are trying to settle back down to where they should be.

That night it took a long time to get off to sleep because although my body was boiling hot, my feet were freezing! I’m lying there thinking, come on body sort yourself out, this is just weird.

The third day and things are starting to settle a bit. The MS Hug comes and goes, various spasms in my right leg come and go but at least I’m up and dressed and functioning even if it is only at approx 50% I managed to get to my hair appointment and make basic conversation with my hairdresser but I felt totally wiped out again later in the day.

A full week later and I’m still struggling with a whole bunch of MS stuff affecting my body and crossing my fingers that this ride isn’t going to get a whole lot rougher.

Oh and writing a Blog with MS all I can say is thank God for spell check!

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  1. Hi Deb,

    I was hoping to get in touch with you about your blog. My wife is a cancer survivor and I was wondering if I could ask you a quick question. Do you think you could email me when you get a chance? Thanks so much.